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Portraits of Privacy

Tie Domi


One of the National Hockey League's biggest stars, Tie Domi is no longer just a famous athlete known for the record 333 fights during his 16 year NHL career. He's recently become a bestselling author too, having written "Shift Work," his autobiography which was published this month.

Among hockey's most feared and fearless players, Domi developed a gigantic fan base over the years having achieved the most fights in NHL history. In "Shift Work," he chronicles his life on-and-off the ice, offering readers a peek into what it takes to become one of history's greatest athletes.

One of the most priceless things in life is people's privacy.

While he has retired from sports, he is now a consultant and active in many charitable foundations. Spending time with his three children Avery, Carlin and Max are among his favorite activities these days.

"One of the most priceless things in life is people's privacy," Domi said.

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