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Executive Transportation Group

To stay competitive, we need a fast, reliable and highly secure mobile solution and that’s exactly what we’re getting with our BlackBerry solution.
Mark Heminway Vice President of Operations and Business Development
  • Industry: Other
  • Region: North America
  • Company Size: Medium
  • Solution: BlackBerry® smartphones, BlackBerry® Enterprise Server and Custom application developed by Aleph, Inc
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In 2005, Executive Transportation Group (ETG) deployed a BlackBerry solution to streamline communications and automate the dispatch process. In early 2012, a change in their mobile network provider prompted management at ETG to review their mobile needs. For a company transporting top executives at financial institutions and important government officials, security was the number one concern. During ETG's four-month review of many smartphones and tablets, the company learned that information-security managers were not satisfied with platforms that relied on third-party software to provide add-on security features.


Following the advice of the information security managers, ETG made the decision to stay with BlackBerry and deployed 1,800 BlackBerry® Bold™ 9930 smartphones to management and drivers. Because the company was already running on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, the new smartphones integrated quickly and seamlessly with the third-party, custom application, developed by Aleph, Inc., that runs ETG’s automated dispatch system.

Once a car order is in the system, reservations are automatically paired with a car using the application and GPS functionality on the BlackBerry smartphone. The driver is then immediately sent all relevant customer details. During the upgrade and throughout its relationship with Research In Motion® (RIM®), ETG has received technical support and product information and has enjoyed fast and responsive customer service.


  • Meets the security needs of clients
  • Offers drivers and dispatch a fast and convenient way to manage workflow
  • Improves speed and reliability of communications
  • Touch and type keyboard improves ability to respond quickly and easily