Enterprise Apps Ecosystem

A Complete BlackBerry Ecosystem

Enterprise Solutions and Apps to Increase Productivity

Enhance your mobile productivity and collaboration with a comprehensive portfolio of BlackBerry® approved partner solutions and applications for the mobile enterprise.

BlackBerry provides the largest selection of productivity apps secured for enterprise and the BlackBerry Work Perimeter and for the Secure Work Space, tested against malware and piracy. Get secure access to the best apps for work and the solutions you need to be successful.

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BlackBerry ISV Value-added Services

Complementary solutions are available direct from BlackBerry and its channel partners, via BlackBerry ISV Value-Added Services. Enterprises can now enhance the mobility solutions they procure from BlackBerry with the addition of the following Value-Added solutions from ISV partners:

BES Extensions

  • BES Monitoring and Analysis
  • Location Intelligence


  • SharePoint and Office 365 Access
  • Secure Mobile Messaging
  • Mobile Unified Communications
  • Multi-mailbox Management


  • Audit and Archiving Services
  • Secure Mobile Messaging
  • Mobile Unified Communications

These partner solutions are BlackBerry approved and complement your existing BlackBerry investment. They offer competitive and predictable costs and customization options - with support and implementation included.


Deploy Enterprise Apps to Secure Work Space for iOS and Android

End users demand the best solutions for their mobility needs. They want managed applications secured and separated from personal apps and data, along with enterprise-level security for browsing, viewing or editing attachments.

Deploy Enterprise Apps
  • Apps built by your enterprise can be securely deployed to the Secure Work Space
  • No custom development is necessary to enable applications for secure deployment
  • All deployed applications are subject to the same security controls and application data is encrypted
  • Deployed applications are able to directly access data behind-the-firewall via BlackBerry secure connectivity

With a growing premier catalog of apps designed to be securely deployed with Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, users now have access to apps that offer SharePoint access, SAP support, Microsoft Lync integration, Cloud Storage, File Management and more. All secured on the device and via BlackBerry secure connectivity.

With Secure Work Space on iOS and Android, work content can be securely separated from personal content, removing the worry for IT. What’s personal stays personal, helping employees breathe easier. It’s like having two devices in one - no juggling required.

Deploy enterprise apps to BlackBerry devices

The BlackBerry enterprise app portfolio leverages the BlackBerry platform and infrastructure to build next-generation mobile solutions for your enterprise. We’ve worked with the best developers and solution providers to bring you the apps for BlackBerry® 10 that help you be more productive, in all types of business.

  • Solutions for end-to-end compliance in regulated industries
  • Vertical specific solutions
  • Service and support for custom application development
  • Secure applications, tested against malware and piracy