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Flexible and scalable mobility
management with BES12 Cloud

BES12 Cloud is an easy-to-use, affordable and secure solution to manage iOS, Android™, Windows Phone®, Samsung KNOX and BlackBerry® devices. With BES12 Cloud, small‑to‑medium sized businesses can empower employees by making it simple to securely access work email, apps and content.

Mobility made easy

Automatically apply mobility management best practices

BlackBerry has over a decade of experience securely managing mobile devices, and provides out-of-the box policies you can automatically apply.

Live support 24x7x365

Get access to award winning BlackBerry support when you need it.

Easy to manage the mobile devices in your business

Quickly enable your employees to be more productive with mobile access to data on either a personal or company owned device.

User self-service

Reduce costs by allowing employees to activate, reset device passwords, and lock/wipe/disable a lost device.

Departing employees

Should an employee depart, you can immediately remove business data and connectivity from their device.

Secure mobile access to
business data and applications

Empower your employees with access to information when and where they need it—without compromising your control over confidential business data.

Separate containers for work and business

You have the option to divide a single device into two separately managed zones, one for personal use and the other dedicated to business.

Secure email, calendar and contacts

Email and PIM are secured, whether you run your own corporate email server or use cloud-based emails such as Google Apps for Work.

Secure chat and mobile meetings

Boost productivity with optional mobile chat and meeting apps, both for internal and customer communications.

Secure browser

Users enjoy a fully functional web browser to access your corporate intranet.

Secure document editing

Edit documents directly within the secure container.

Managed application catalog

Push and install mandatory and optional apps to iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Designed and priced to support your business as it grows

BES12 is delivered through BlackBerry’s secure multi-tenant, highly available cloud.

It's easy to add and remove users as your business requirements change.

BES12 Cloud is affordable, with clear pricing and an instant 30‑day trial.

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