BES12: Increase productivity without sacrificing security

Manage mobility for your organisation, on-premise or in the cloud, across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

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The definitive guide to enterprise mobile security

A highly secure EMM solution

With BES®12, you can say yes to the kind of productivity you know is possible—with the confidence that comes from industry-leading mobile security.

BES12 allows you to securely manage mobile devices and other endpoints across different operating systems (iOS®, Android™ – including Android™ for Work and Samsung KNOX™ – Windows® and BlackBerry®) and ownership models (personally owned or corporate liable devices).

Manage your mobile workers’ access to apps, data and content. And do it all from a single, easy-to-use console that offers a complete set of IT policies and profiles to address the mobility management challenges and opportunities that your business faces today and tomorrow.

Command and Control Center


A multi-OS EMM solution for any ownership model

Whether you manage a single work space, a hardened high security environment or have a multi-OS BYOD deployment, BES12 gives you control over the availability and usage of devices, apps, activities and mission-critical data.

Scalable, multi-OS EMM

BES12 is ready to meet your current and future business needs, regardless of the devices your employees use. With MAM, MDM and MCM across multiple OSs and devices, all built into a single console, BES12 is about preparing your organization for the new challenges and opportunities coming in mobility over the months and years ahead.

Support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 10 and BlackBerry devices2

Scalable up to 25K devices per server and 150K devices per domain.

Can be deployed on-premise or through a cloud-based solution, which offers a simplified set-up process.

High availability and disaster recovery configuration options available.

BES12 reduces complexity, optimizes pooled resources, ensures maximum uptime and helps you achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Flexible ownership models

BES12 is a secure, complete solution that allows IT to manage all the devices and operating systems your organization relies on, in any ownership model. And they can do it all from a unified console. With a complete set of management policies and profiles, it's easy for IT to provide different levels of access to employees based on their role or position, regardless of their choice of device.

Support multiple device ownership policies at once, from BYOD to COPE to COBO.

Lifecycle management of apps across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices.

Integrated secure connectivity provides applications with behind-the-firewall-access to your organization’s resources through BlackBerry Secure Enterprise Connectivity or VPN.

Industry-leading mobile security

BlackBerry security is trusted by thousands of enterprises around the world to lock down mission-critical data.

With BES12, your mobile traffic travels over the world-renowned secure BlackBerry network, to ensure user privacy and data security, across iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices, protecting your most important asset—your business data.3

Secure your data, everywhere it goes

Telling employees they can’t send sensitive work files to their personal email accounts or their favorite file-sharing app isn’t enough to guarantee it won’t happen. Instead, you need to give them access to all the content, tools, apps and data they require to keep work moving from anywhere. And you need to secure it all, from start to finish.

BES12 secures your business data when it’s at rest (stored on a mobile device) and when it’s in-transit between the various devices used by your employees, your corporate network and your storage repositories.3 It offers the security and control you need to have in place before you can say yes to the kind of access your employees are demanding.

Make privacy a priority

Employees want privacy for the same reasons organizations want security. What’s theirs is theirs, and it needs to stay that way.

BES12 helps build trust between employees and organizations by protecting precious assets on both sides of the fence – workers’ private content and organizations’ sensitive business data.

Across the operating systems, and no matter who owns the device, you need the ability to create a secure area where everything work-related stays safe. BES12 makes it happen, and makes it easy to manage. The two separate spaces, Work and Personal, are exactly that – separate.

A platform that’s ready for tomorrow

BES12 is the ‘central nervous system’ of a powerful ecosystem that brings together mobile devices, mobile apps, ISV solutions and carrier services to help mobilize your business workflows. Extend your EMM capabilities with a portfolio of value-added services (VAS) to complement your investments.

Extensible enterprise mobility ecosystem

You can extend the power of BES12 today in a wide range of ways with a portfolio of value-added services.

  • WatchDox by BlackBerry® provides secure content management and collaboration.
  • Enterprise Identity by BlackBerry® provides single sign-on capabilities for easy identity and access management.
  • BBM® Protected delivers secure instant messaging.
  • BBM® Meetings offers mobile-first collaboration, including video conferencing.
  • BlackBerry® Blend™ lets you securely extend data on a BlackBerry device to tablets and computers.
  • WorkLife by BlackBerry® distinguishes between work and personal use of employee smartphones.

Award-winning tech support

BlackBerry’s award-winning approach to support isn’t just about quickly resolving issues when they occur. It’s also about connecting you with highly qualified experts who can provide proactive advice when you’re planning a change to your mobility environment.

You can rely on our industry-leading Advantage Support, which comes standard with BES12. It includes 24x7 global access to experts, a two-hour response time for high severity issues, web-based training for your administrators and a lot more. Or, go a step further by investing in Premium Support.

Enterprise apps

BlackBerry partners extend our software ecosystem with best-in-class secured apps. Partner apps developed for BlackBerry devices take advantage of the renowned BlackBerry OS-level security, and for iOS and Android, there are 70+ business productivity applications available for Secure Work Space deployments.

Reliable mobility management at an affordable cost

Whether your organization is large or small, run from a single office or multiple international locations, you want a mobility solution that can easily adapt as you grow, without compromising the security and reliability you need.

Simple, streamlined management

Most IT organizations have more solutions than they can effectively manage. That goes for mobility management, too, where multiple point solutions are often cobbled together, creating a web of vendors, interfaces and contracts to deal with.

BES12 brings simplicity to your mobility management needs. It’s a secure, complete solution that allows IT to manage all the devices and operating systems your organization relies on, in any ownership model. And they can do it all from a unified console. With a complete set of management policies and profiles, it's easy for IT to provide different levels of access to employees based on their role or position in the organization.

More predictable costs

Migrating to a single solution can help your organization standardize infrastructure, reduce complexity and increase ROI. Both deployment options for BES12—Cloud and on-premise—are cost-effective and flexible so that you can scale up or down as your needs change.

Choose an annual subscription or one-time perpetual licensing. A subscription model means predictable yearly operating expenses, and eliminates the need for an upfront capital expenditure. And you won't find yourself with unused licenses. If a user leaves unexpectedly, you can simply reallocate their license to someone else.

EMM uptime you can count on

BES®12 supports enterprises that have the highest security needs, most complex mobility operations, and toughest regulatory requirements. For these organizations, tools that enable reliable business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities are mission-critical.

Even if your organization’s requirements aren’t nearly as rigorous, know that with BES®12, you’re using the same systems that support federal governments, departments of defense, and state departments around the world.


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Enterprise service monitoring

Mobile devices have evolved to become the primary conduit of enterprise data access. As a result, the availability and performance of the underlying mobile infrastructure is now critical to day-to-day operations.

BES Monitoring solutions from two key BlackBerry partners, GSX Solutions and ISEC7, allow organizations with a BES to monitor critical mobile, messaging and enterprise services.

getting started

Easy to upgrade

Whether you are evaluating EMM solutions, have an EMM solution from another vendor, or are already a BES customer, it’s easy to get the latest version of BES12.

Easy to deploy

Manage all endpoints through one, consolidated, easy-to-use console. Whether you have BES5, BES10 or any other EMM platform you can upgrade to BES12 easily.

BES12 on-premise is offered as a subscription or can be licensed perpetually. BES12 Cloud is offered on a subscription basis.

Flexible deployment options

Try BES12 for free

Your Free Trial1 includes:

  • Full access to the complete BES12 platform
  • 50 Secure Work Space subscriptions to enroll iOS and Android devices4
  • 50 Gold BES12 subscriptions to enroll BlackBerry smartphones5
  • Unlimited access to award winning support available 24 /7 365

BES12 Cloud

BES12 Cloud is easy to try, buy, and use, so you can grow your business, not your IT department. Its simple, streamlined management frees up time.

  • Easy to try FREE for 30 days, and equally easy to buy online.
  • Designed to manage physical and virtual endpoints beyond smartphones and tablets.
  • Active-Active High Availability automatically supports BES12 by providing as much as 99.9% uptime.
  • Includes Advantage Support to align with the level of assistance, expertise and resolution time your business requires.
  • Personal spaces on the mobile devices your employees prefer keep work data safe in its own container.

BES12 ON-Premise

You may choose to deploy your free BES12 trial on-premise if you are looking for:

  • Secure connectivity behind the firewall for email / PIM / intranet / app access
  • Regulated, ‘work only’ mode for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones (COBO)
  • ActiveSync gatekeeping
  • Support for in-house / custom app deployment
  • Support for BlackBerry® 7 OS and earlier
  • Enterprise IM through the BlackBerry Collaboration Service


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What's new: BES12 version 12.3 on-premise update

  • MDM support for Windows® 10 phones, tablets, laptops and desktops
  • WorkLife by BlackBerry integration
  • Enhancements for Samsung KNOX Workspace support - User Privacy (BYOD)
  • Enhancements for Android for Work support – Work Space Only (COBO)
  • Localization (Spanish)

BES12 on-premise customers

  1. 1 30-day (BES12 Cloud) or 60-day (BES12 on-premise) Free Trial Offer: Limited time offer; subject to change. Limit 1 per customer. Trial starts upon activation and is limited to 50 Gold BlackBerry subscriptions and 50 Secure Work Space for iOS and Android subscriptions. Gold Level subscription Licenses can be interchangeably used for Silver level device activation for BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Samsung KNOX devices. Following trial, customer must purchase subscriptions to continue use of product. Not available in all countries. Subscriptions can be purchased direct or from authorized resellers. When a system is upgraded to production, the trial subscriptions will no longer be available. This Offer is void where prohibited and is subject to modification, extension or early termination at BlackBerry’s sole discretion.
  2. 2 Supported versions: BlackBerry 10 v10.3.2 and later is recommended; Android 4.3 and later; Android for Work; iOS 7, iOS 8, iPhone 5 and later, and Samsung KNOX 2.0.
  3. 3 In-transit encryption is offered through secure enterprise connectivity or VPN for on-premise BES12 deployments and through VPN for BES12 Cloud.
  4. 4 These licenses can be interchangeably used for Silver level device activation for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Samsung KNOX devices.
  5. 5 These licenses can be interchangeably used for Silver level device activation for BlackBerry 10 in Balance mode.