Independent solution components for mix-and-match deployment address core IoT use cases.

Data Intelligence

Data intelligence collects real-time data, and enables powerful data exploration and visualization. This information is viewable through customizable dashboards from a secured connection on any browser-based device. The analytics tools empower teams by providing easy-to-understand comparisons, flexible interfaces, and powerful search. BlackBerry keeps you informed with integrated analytics so you can make accurate decisions.


The BlackBerry remote diagnostics tool wirelessly inspects the status of a device or vehicle in fine-grained detail, correlates errors across reports, and pinpoints issues for rapid time-to-market. The remote diagnostics service streamlines error detection to reduce the time needed to triage and deploy software fixes.


The hosted, over-the-air (OTA) software update solution from BlackBerry allows you to manage and deploy software updates, applications, and content to vehicles and devices over a secure connection. OTA software updates make automotive and device software maintenance proactive to save costs and improve the customer experience.


BlackBerry asset tracking is a turnkey solution for managing containers, trailers, and inventory with dramatically improved efficiency. Elegant visualizations and one-click reports deliver accurate answers when you need them, from anywhere in the world. The expert solution from BlackBerry improves information visibility on your assets, enables real-time decisions, and reduces operational costs.