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Size and weight

  • Height

    Spec: deviceLength

  • Width

    Spec: deviceWidth

  • Depth

    Spec: deviceDepth

  • Weight

    Spec: weight


  • Resolution

    Spec: displayHeight,displayWidth

    {0} x {1} touch screen

    Spec: displayDensity

    {0} PPI

  • Screen size

    Spec: displaySize

    {0}" diagonal

Design & colours

    BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition - Back View

    Choose a colour:

  • Keyboard

    Spec: keyboard

  • Navigation

    Spec: navigation

Power & battery life1

  • Battery

    Spec: batteryCapacity

    {0u} battery

  • Mixed use

    Spec: mixedUseTime

    Up to {0u}

  • Talk time

    Spec: umtsTalkTime

    Up to {0u}

  • Standby time

    Spec: umtsStandbyTime

    Up to {0u}

  • Audio playback time

    Spec: audioPlaybackTime

    Up to {0u}

  • Video playback time

    Spec: videoPlaybackTime

    Up to {0u}

Camera & video recording

  • Rear camera

    Spec: rearCameraMaxStillResolution


    Spec: rearCameraZoom

    {0u} zoom

    Spec: rearCameraMaxVideoResolution,rearCameraMaxFrameRate

    {0u} HD video recording at {1}fps

  • Front camera

    Spec: frontCameraMaxStillResolution


    Spec: frontCameraZoom

    {0u} zoom

    Spec: frontCameraMaxVideoResolution

    {0u} HD video recording


  • Onboard memory

    Spec: memory

    {0}GB RAM

    Spec: storageCapacities

    {0}GB Flash

  • Expanded memory

    Spec: expandedMemory



    Spec: cpuVendor,cpuModel,cpuClockRate

    {0} {1} {2u}

Networks & connectivity

  • Network bands

    Spec: networkBands

  • Wi-fiĀ®

    Spec: wifi

  • GPS

    Spec: gps

  • NFC

    Spec: nfc

  • FM Radio

    Spec: fmRadio

  • Bluetooth

    Spec: bluetooth

Operating System

    Spec: operatingSystemLabel

Where to Buy

  1. 1 Many factors affect battery life including but not limited to network, transmission environment, battery age, usage, location software and feature configuration.
  2. 2 Supports microSD card up to 128 GB (not included). Requires BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 or higher.