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Retail Demo Mode

Demo mode on BlackBerry® 10 smartphones is designed to introduce customers to the gesture-based BlackBerry 10 OS through tutorials and feature demos.

Discover the top features

Idle screen


The initial screen was designed as a clean pallet with clear branding and an animated gestural interaction to capture the customer’s attention.

Interactive demos


Multiple feature demos highlight features like the BlackBerry® Hub and Time Shift mode. The demos allow customers to learn how to use features of the BlackBerry 10 OS before purchase, with hints that guide the user through the experience.

Advanced OS demo


Press the exit demo button in the bottom action bar or pull down from the top of the smartphone screen to minimize the demo mode app to experience the native OS on the smartphone.

Set up demo mode

Follow the instructions in the PDF below to set up retail display mode on a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Table Feed HTML/CSS

Demo ContentZ10Q10

Update demo content

There are three ways to update the demo content

1. Server updates: when connected to a wireless network, demo mode is updated automatically.

2. Side load updates: store reps can download a package of files and side load them onto a BlackBerry 10 smartphone by following these steps:

› Turn demo mode ON and wait for the demo mode app to launch.
› Connect the BlackBerry 10 smartphone to your computer and wait for it to recognize the smartphone.
› With the demo mode app open on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone and the smartphone connected to the computer, browse to the folder directory of the smartphone.
› Look for a folder called “Misc” and open it.
› Look for a folder called “Retail Display” and open it.
› Drag and drop and ZIP files into the Retail Display folder.

3. SD card update: if the SD card slot on the smartphone is accessible, store reps can download a package of files onto an SD card and insert it into the smartphone. Once the SD card is inserted follow these steps:

› Turn demo mode ON and wait for the demo mode app to launch.
› Pull down from the top bezel to access the settings menu.
› Select Update.
› Enter code: instoredemo.
› Select “Sync Now” with the SD card.