The Foundation for Enterprise Mobility

BlackBerry® Dynamics provides the foundation for secure enterprise mobility by offering an advanced, mature and tested container for mobile apps. Part of BlackBerry Secure, a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach to security, it’s designed to eliminate the risk of data leakage by delivering proven security at the app level. With BlackBerry Dynamics, your apps are BlackBerry Secure.

Built for the most demanding businesses and delivering high availability, disaster recovery and industry-leading scalability, BlackBerry Dynamics is the enterprise-ready solution for meeting critical mobile needs. It includes BlackBerry Analytics, which enables organizations and developers to monitor Dynamics App activity and create a full lifecycle management process for deployed apps.  

Gartner, Inc. has named BlackBerry as a Leader in its "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Mobility Management Suites". Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports position vendors within a particular quadrant based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute.

Best Security

Using BlackBerry Dynamics, organizations can prevent data leakage from mobile apps. With FIPS-validated cryptography, Common Criteria EAL 4+ certification and years of usage in the most demanding environments (including government, defense, intelligence and finance), BlackBerry Dynamics is the gold standard for securing mobile enterprise apps.

Combined with other software and services from BlackBerry, BlackBerry Dynamics can also help you to comply with regulations, including the EU’s incoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Built for Enterprise Reliability

Unlike competitor offerings, BlackBerry Dynamics apps have no dependence on per-app VPNs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), both of which are brittle and data-intensive, translating into poor user experiences, high costs, insufficient security and low scalability. 

At the same time, BlackBerry Dynamics delivers a highly available architecture, using active-active redundancy to ensure uptime while controlling cost – so users have access to mobile apps when and where they need them, whether they’re on a mobile network, using
Wi-Fi® or completely offline.

Scalable Across Users and Apps

BlackBerry Dynamics is built with the needs of enterprise customers in mind. It allows organizations to achieve breakthrough scalability of up to 20,000 users per server. With this architecture, it can support even the most demanding enterprises while maintaining lower TCO.

BlackBerry Dynamics also enables organizations to roll out a wide range of new apps. Any app built using the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK – whether by in-house developers, partners or independent software vendors (ISVs) –automatically conforms to existing security baselines. Furthermore, BlackBerry Dynamics enables secure data exchange between apps, enabling business processes that involve the use of multiple apps or systems.

Wide Set of Apps and Developer Tools Available

BlackBerry Dynamics enables organizations to use a wide range of leading mobile apps from hundreds of ISVs securely. By deploying apps for collaboration, CRM, BI and LOB-specific scenarios, organizations can safely extend key business systems to new mobile use cases.

  • BlackBerry Dynamics SDK - Quickly and easily build your own secure productivity apps.
  • Shared Services - Rapidly assemble new apps from services provided by existing apps.
  • Other tools and methodologies - Use tools from native apps and Cordova to Xamarin and many more.

Support for Partner and Customer Apps

BlackBerry Dynamics enables businesses to securely deliver data and apps on devices they don’t control – for example, devices used by business partners, customers and other external parties. Because BlackBerry Dynamics apps can be deployed without an MDM solution, IT has no need to take control of an outside partner’s device in order to ensure compliance with security standards.

Employees inside and outside the organization can use the same critical apps, with the same app security. For businesses and IT, it’s more convenient, and for partners, clients, contractors and other external parties, it’s less intrusive.

App Monitoring

BlackBerry Dynamics includes BlackBerry Analytics, which tracks app metrics such as daily and monthly usage, duration of use, device type usage, and daily active users. It also tracks user engagement by feature, so that you know which business tool is being used the most (such as email, calendar, contacts, and document management), enabling IT and developers to optimize resource allocations.

With BlackBerry Analytics, you can view usage and diagnostic patterns in a secure standalone web portal, which displays a dashboard of aggregate anonymous data.