The Foundation for Enterprise Mobility

The BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform (formerly known as Good Dynamics) delivers a secure, flexible and enterprise-ready platform to respond to growing mobility needs. It’s a common platform to mobilize all your core business apps, no matter if they are core collaboration apps, ISV apps, or custom-developed business apps. It provides the needed security to ensure critical business data is never put at risk, but it’s flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing mobile landscape. Finally, it offers bulletproof enterprise readiness as mobile devices become the primary work screen. 

Empower Diverse Stakeholders

IT, developers and business owners each have diverse needs and requirements when it comes to mobility. The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform enables each to focus on their own domain without interfering with other stakeholders. With the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform:

  • IT can define a baseline to ensure security, reliability and scalability across mobile apps
  • Developers can more quickly build apps using their preferred development tools and methodologies while maximizing code reuse and conforming to organizational security policies
  • App owners and business leaders can adopt a wide range of apps without requiring new IT investment or violating established IT policies
  • The enterprise can accelerate mobilizing and increase business agility

Secure the Mobile Enterprise

As organizations mobilize they cannot compromise their corporate security. The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform utilizes next-gen containerization to protect all corporate data on corporate managed and BYOD devices. With FIPS-validated crypto and years of usage in the most demanding environments the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform is the gold standard for mobile security. 

The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform enables organizations to:

  • Protect corporate applications from leaking enterprise data outside of IT control, with policy-based app controls
  • Secure enterprise data in use, at rest and in motion between backend servers and apps
  • Maintain security of documents and data shared between apps via encrypted app-to-app tunneling technology
  • Preserve end user privacy without need for intrusive geo-location or whole device wipe techniques

Ensure Flexibility to Respond to the Changing Mobile Landscape

Mobility is in a constant state of change. New devices, new apps and new business demands emerge on an almost daily basis. While leading organizations are using mobility as a competitive edge, IT is challenged to enable services to meet these ever-changing demands. By quickly enabling the deployment and development of new applications while maximizing reuse, the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform delivers true mobile agility. It gives organizations the flexibility to deliver these capabilities on-premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid model.

The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform empowers IT to:

  • Quickly choose the best app to meet new business demands from the most comprehensive ecosystem of enterprise apps
  • Simplify management via a common platform for all scenarios including business-to-employee, business-to-partner, business-to-customer and other key scenarios, including those where IT does not control the device
  • Utilize shared services to develop and deploy new apps more quickly using unique SOA design patterns optimized for mobility
  • Enable app-to-app workflows to maximize business productivity while maintaining security

Deliver True Enterprise Readiness

As users and their apps increase exponentially, mobility becomes a tier-one IT service. Yet the rapid growth of mobility and the inherent complexity engendered by this fast pace of change challenge IT as it delivers on their service level agreements (SLAs). The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform ensures that as organizations mobilize, their mobile service is always there when they need it. By utilizing the BlackBerry Dynamics Platform, organizations can ensure that every app deployed on the platform can meet the demanding requirements of the mobile enterprise. 

With BlackBerry Dynamics Platform IT can:

  • Scale to meet an ever growing demand for mobile apps and services
  • Build their environment with pervasive high availability and disaster recovery to ensure datacenter issues do not impact mobile users
  • Avoid the brittle components of other solutions such as VDI and per-app VPN that lead to service interruption and user dissatisfaction
  • Manage full mobile estate simply through a web-based console
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud

Integrate Identity With Your Mobile Apps

Manually logging into each and every mobile app and backend system degrades user experience and saps worker productivity, especially when there are more than a couple of apps and IT-enforced complex passwords. The BlackBerry Dynamics Platform supports single sign-on (SSO) authentication, making it easy for users to log in once to get access to all containerized apps on their device, as well as behind-the-firewall enterprise resources, without having to enter additional corporate credentials.

With BlackBerry Dynamics Platform users can:

  • Utilize single sign-on authentication across enterprise resources (e.g., file sharing server, HR systems, etc.).
  • Eliminate insecure storage of enterprise credentials by instead using Kerberos Constrained Delegation (KCD).
  • Avoid multiple manual logins between apps. Using authentication delegates, the user’s initial app login provides access to all BlackBerry-secured apps on the device.
  • More easily complete workflows that involve multiple apps without compromising security.