Converging Device, App and Content Management Across Devices

BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (BlackBerry® UEM) delivers complete unified endpoint management and policy control for your diverse and growing fleet of devices and apps. Part of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite, it allows you to securely manage devices operating on key platforms and support all device ownership models, extending access to best-in-class secure productivity apps as well as secure mobile app development and containerization.

Part of BlackBerry® Secure, a comprehensive endpoint-to-endpoint approach to security, BlackBerry UEM provides the granular control and visibility that IT needs to secure all endpoints, along with the flexibility to support a wide array of productivity and other business use cases. With BlackBerry UEM, your users are BlackBerry Secure.

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Unified, Multi-OS Endpoint Management

BlackBerry UEM provides a single, integrated view of the users, devices, apps and policies in your environment, with comprehensive support for devices operating on a wide range of platforms:

BlackBerry UEM makes it easy and intuitive for users to securely access the information they need, using the devices and apps they prefer, without putting business data at risk. Ensure separation between business data and employee’s personal information with BlackBerry UEM and BlackBerry’s renowned secure connectivity, encryption and containerization.

In addition to comprehensive BYOD security and self-service features for employees using personal devices for work, BlackBerry UEM fully protects COPE (Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled) devices at the device, app, data and content level—without interfering with personal use. In highly regulated environments, BlackBerry UEM also supports COBO (Corporate Owned, Business Only) standards, providing controls to restrict personal use and log device communications.

Managing and Securing the Enterprise of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a significant impact on the way users, processes, and data are created, collected, and communicated inside and outside the enterprise. The Enterprise of Things is the range of IoT devices connecting to the enterprise that need to be secured, managed, and enabled by IT.

BlackBerry UEM gives you complete management, control, and enablement capabilities for this growing number and range of connected devices. Extending beyond smartphones, tablets, and wearables like smart watches, new classes of enterprise devices such as smart glasses are appearing in the workplace, and they require new levels of security and support.

Manage this growing population of endpoint devices - your Enterprise of Things—with BlackBerry UEM, designed to help you increase the productivity of your mobile workforce while ensuring the full protection of your business data.

Essential Security and Control

Your organization needs to provide access to all the content, tools, apps and data that your employees need to be productive from anywhere. And you need to secure it all, from start to finish.

For core security needs, BlackBerry UEM supports native MDM controls (for managing device policies) and MAM capabilities (for deploying approved business apps).

For more granular control and flexibility, BlackBerry UEM provides comprehensive management for native container solutions such as Android in the enterprise (formerly Android™ for Work) and Samsung Knox Workspace, in addition to native protection capabilities for iOS (such as iOS managed apps) and Windows® 10 (such as Windows Information Protection).

And if you need full multi-OS containerization for advanced mobile workflows, BlackBerry® Dynamics, managed by BlackBerry UEM allows organizations to deploy and manage secure custom and third-party business apps from the same single console. Each of these approaches can be used in isolation, together, or in various combinations for different ownership models and user roles.

Scalable, Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy BlackBerry UEM in a way that meets your business needs. Be up and running in minutes with a fully cloud-based deployment or choose an on-premises deployment if you need even more control over your mobile environment. And if your business requirements happen to change in the future, you can migrate your BlackBerry UEM on-premises deployment to the cloud.

With scalability up to 25K devices per server and 150K devices per domain, you can quickly ramp up mobile deployments while controlling IT costs. BlackBerry UEM supports high availability and disaster recovery configurations – all the more important as your organization grows and mobility becomes mission-critical.

Reduced TCO

In a single server footprint or via the cloud, BlackBerry UEM helps enterprises consolidate legacy tools by converging modern device, application and content management functions for mobile devices with core management capabilities for traditional endpoints. In addition to simplifying administration and enhancing control, BlackBerry UEM can help enterprises reduce server hardware requirements, eliminate redundant software licensing and support contracts, and reallocate IT staff resources, delivering a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to the organization.

BlackBerry® Connectivity, powered by BlackBerry’s global secure communications infrastructure, can deliver further cost savings by providing users with seamless, secure access to resources located behind the firewall, without a separate VPN. And cross-platform OS support ensures that enterprises can avoid the cost of provisioning multiple solutions to address the breadth of their secure connectivity requirements.

A UEM Solution That Grows With Your Needs

BlackBerry UEM is ready to meet all your current and future needs. As your organization evolves, you can quickly add new BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite capabilities, all managed from a single console. It’s not just about managing today’s endpoints, apps, content, data and security; it’s about preparing your organization for future challenges and opportunities. BlackBerry UEM creates a solid foundation for your future mobile initiatives.

BlackBerry Work

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Best-in-class business email and collaboration.

BlackBerry Dynamics

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Multi-OS containerization for mobile apps.

BlackBerry Workspaces

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Secure EFSS with file-level Digital Rights Management (DRM).

BlackBerry Enterprise Identity

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Single sign-on to cloud services from any user device for IAM.

BlackBerry 2FA

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2-factor authentication using employee mobile devices.

Snap-in Functionality

For ISVs

With the BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK, the capabilities of external partner solutions can quickly and easily be extended to the BlackBerry UEM customer base. This enables faster, custom-integrated workflows and enterprise-grade functionality for partner solutions, as well as high availability and scalability. It’s a more native approach to integrating partner workflows than that offered by any other EMM and UEM offering. Partner offerings are front and center, with partner logos prominently displayed, as opposed to a white label offering.

For IT

With the BlackBerry UEM Integration SDK, IT organizations can take advantage of all the features and benefits of BlackBerry UEM by integrating its capabilities into their own IT management platform. IT admins get a single pane of glass to easily manage all policies and configuration profiles, while still working within their own environment. Organizations can prioritize key BlackBerry UEM functions by making them easily accessible alongside or within common admin workflows.

Enhanced App Experience

Microsoft Office 365

BlackBerry UEM supports the direct management of Microsoft Office 365 productivity apps (such as Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint®) alongside existing corporate applications. Admins can apply policies to Office 365 apps in a single console that’s used to manage other corporate apps – whether they’re managed by native OS MAM, third-party containers, or BlackBerry Dynamics.

App Notifications

Your IT team can notify users about new corporate apps and inform them when updates become available – much like the consumer-grade experience for app discovery. When compliance requires the deployment of specific apps, IT can ensure all users are notified. BlackBerry UEM enables improved app adoption and consistent app deployment inside and outside your enterprise.

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BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Management Edition

Comprehensive Device and App Management


BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Enterprise Edition

Fast, Secure Productivity

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Collaboration Edition

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BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Application Edition

Business Transformation

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Content Edition

Document security and compliance

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