Protect Your Business Data and Increase Productivity by Fully Enabling Your Workforce

IT leaders face the challenging task of ensuring that all devices, whether corporate liable or personally owned, comply with organizational security policies—without hindering productivity or infringing on privacy. An increasingly diverse range of endpoints and business use cases, as well as shifting user expectations, make meeting this requirement even more difficult.

BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Manager (formerly BES®12), part of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite, offers trusted end-to-end security and support for a wide range of devices, including iOS®, Android™, Samsung Knox™, Android™ for Work, Windows®, Mac OS®, and BlackBerry. BlackBerry® UEM provides the control and visibility that IT needs to manage all endpoints and ownership models, and the flexibility to support evolving business requirements.

Manage All Endpoints With BlackBerry UEM

Control and manage all your endpoints from a single console with BlackBerry UEM. By converging modern MDM, MAM and MCM functions for mobile devices with management for traditional endpoints (such as Windows and Mac), BlackBerry UEM can help to streamline administration, enhance compliance, and reduce complexity.

  • Unified management for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and BlackBerry devices.
  • Rich support for native containerization solutions such as Android for Work and Samsung KNOX.
  • Seamless behind-the-firewall connectivity via the global secure BlackBerry infrastructure.1
  • Scalable up to 25K devices per server and 150K devices per domain.
  • Can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
  • High availability and disaster recovery configuration options available.

BlackBerry UEM reduces complexity, optimizes pooled resources, ensures maximum uptime and helps you achieve the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Flexible Ownership Models

Whether you utilize Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled (COPE) devices, or Company-Owned, Business Only (COBO) devices, or a combination, a complete set of customizable policies and profiles ensures the right policies are applied to the right device. IT can easily provide different levels of access to employees based on their role or position, regardless of their choice of device.

Simplify User Set Up and Enrollment

With BlackBerry UEM, employees can use the devices and apps they prefer for productivity and quickly self-enroll – without sacrificing security. In addition to automatically configuring corporate policies and controls, IT can easily set up Wi-Fi, VPN and email profiles, enabling users to be productive in seconds. Streamlining enrollment with self-service features further increases user satisfaction while driving down support costs.

Benefit From Industry-Leading Mobile Security

BlackBerry security is trusted by thousands of enterprises around the world to lock down mission-critical data. With more than 70 security certifications, more than any other mobile vendor, BlackBerry meets compliance requirements for organizations in even the most strictly regulated industries.

BlackBerry UEM provides end-to-end encryption to protect your most important asset—your business data. BlackBerry Connectivity, powered by BlackBerry’s global secure infrastructure and supported for iOS, Android for Work, Samsung KNOX Workspace, and BlackBerry 10 devices, provides users with seamless access to resources located behind the firewall – without any additional network changes or a separate VPN.

Make Privacy a Priority

Employees want privacy for the same reasons organizations want security. BlackBerry UEM helps build trust between employees and organizations by protecting precious assets on both sides of the fence – workers’ private content and organizations’ sensitive business data.
With granular IT controls and multiple activation types across operating systems and ownership models, BlackBerry UEM makes it easy and intuitive for users to securely access the information they need, using the devices and apps they prefer, without sacrificing personal privacy or putting business data at risk.

Enable Rich Policy Controls

Define and deploy the right policies for your organization. Choose from a rich set of policy controls over password, device encryption, camera, Wi-Fi, VPN, and more. Should a device be lost, stolen, retired or replaced, wipe data from the device to reduce the chance of data loss.

Secure All Business Data

To enable a highly secure yet familiar end user experience, BlackBerry UEM provides comprehensive management for containerization solutions such as Android for Work and Samsung KNOX Workspace, as well as native protections for Apple iOS (such as iOS managed apps) and Windows 10 (such as Windows Information Protection). For multi-OS containerization and enhanced mobile workflows, the highly secure BlackBerry® Dynamics Container offers a rich foundation for custom and third-party apps.

Choose a UEM Solution That Grows With Your Needs

BlackBerry UEM is a foundational component of the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite. As your mobility needs evolve, BlackBerry UEM can grow with them. From enhanced collaboration tools to secure file sharing to custom app development, BlackBerry UEM ensures you can deploy additional capabilities as you need them without time-consuming and costly rip-and-replace migrations.

You Can Extend the Power of BlackBerry UEM Today in a Wide Range of Ways With Other Components of the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite, All Managed From a Single Console:

BlackBerry Work


BlackBerry® Work provides a best-in-class business email and collaboration experience while protecting sensitive business data.


BlackBerry Dynamics


The BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform offers full multi-OS containerization for a wide range of collaboration, line of business (LOB), ISV and custom built apps.


BlackBerry Workspaces


BlackBerry® Workspaces delivers secure content management and collaboration capabilities and file-level Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection.


BlackBerry Enterprise Identity


BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity enables single sign-on to cloud services from any user device for easy identity and access management.


BlackBerry 2FA


BlackBerry® 2FA allows IT to replace outdated token solutions by using a secure credential on users’ mobile devices for 2-factor authentication.


Deploy On-Premises or via Cloud

Deploy BlackBerry UEM in a way that meets your business needs, enjoying many of the same advanced features regardless of your deployment choice. Be up and running in minutes with a fully cloud-based deployment or choose on-premises if you need more control over your environment.

BlackBerry® UEM Cloud removes the need for resources to install, manage and update servers. Updates are applied automatically, with no IT intervention required. High system availability is delivered with a 99.9% SLA.

Choose on-premises if you’re looking for a higher level of control over deploying new versions, while retaining the ability to migrate to the cloud in the future should your business requirements change.

Try BlackBerry UEM for Free

Your Free Trial includes:

  • Full access to BlackBerry UEM for 30 days (BlackBerry UEM Cloud) or 60 days (on-premises)
  • 50 BlackBerry UEM subscriptions to enroll smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops (including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and BlackBerry)
  • Unlimited access to award winning support available 24/7 365


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See the BlackBerry UEM Cloud Service level policy.
1. Separate work and personal spaces not available for Windows 10 or Mac OS X.