Secure EFSS for Anytime, Anywhere Content Control, File Transfer & More

BlackBerry® Workspaces is the leading secure EFSS solution, allowing users to access content anytime, anywhere, and file share inside and outside their organization. Workspaces embeds Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection into files, so content remains secure and within your control, even after it’s downloaded and shared. With a secure file store and the ability to transfer data while maintaining control, employees and IT alike can be confident in data sharing and document security.

To extend this doc security to email encryption, BlackBerry® Workspaces Email Protector is a standalone solution that automatically applies file-level encryption, user access and DRM controls to outbound email attachments.

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Access Your Content From Anywhere

Workspaces users can easily access, sync, edit, share and control their files from any device. And it provides a single point of access for content stored in Microsoft® SharePoint®, Windows® file shares, cloud storage services and Enterprise Content Management systems (ECMs).

BlackBerry Workspaces keeps all of your content synchronized so teams can collaborate on files with confidence, knowing they always have the latest version.

Workspaces for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Workspaces native apps for Android™, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry® 10 enable users to access and manage their file stores from anywhere. View documents, create, search, edit, annotate, and enforce DRM permissions on Microsoft®Office, Adobe® PDF and image files. With easy iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Android file sharing, users can stay productive, anywhere they travel.

Workspaces for Web

BlackBerry Workspaces delivers secure, full-featured document editing, annotation, sharing and permission management functionality through all modern web browsers, so users have the utmost flexibility with how and where they engage with their content.

Through the native online viewer, users can create, review and share annotations with other contributors who can then correspond on any device. And with Office Online integration, users can securely edit and version their documents without ever having to leave the web browser, download a file, or install any software.

Workspaces for PC and Mac

Workspaces are the heart of BlackBerry Workspaces collaboration. They enable teams to collaborate on files with confidence, knowing they always have the latest version of the file. Users can lock files for editing to avoid duplication of effort. And with robust sync utilities for Windows® and Mac®, users can select workspaces to be synced to their computer for fast and easy access.

Simply by right-clicking a file anywhere on the computer or external hard drive, users can use Quick Send to deliver large files (with or without DRM security) to any recipient they like. Or, similarly, upload a file to any workspace or sub-folder, even if the workspace is not synced to your computer.

Workspaces for Microsoft Outlook

BlackBerry Workspaces delivers incremental productivity by providing users with a consolidated and convenient place to view all of their sent and received files at a glance and with tools to easily create, version, protect and share files up to 10 GB in size, all within the Microsoft® Outlook® application interface. For people who have to search through their inbox looking for files, or who struggle with inbox capacity limitations, this feature is a great time-saver. Plus, file attachments can be embedded with file-level DRM for greater security and control.

Workspaces for Salesforce

BlackBerry Workspaces for Salesforce® integrates seamlessly into, enabling organizations, and users, to take full advantage of Workspaces storage, sharing, collaboration and customizable document security features, directly from within File-level DRM protection remains highly customizable and allows users to expire, or revoke access to shared files at any time – even after they’re downloaded.

Secure Your Content Everywhere It Travels

Workspaces empowers users with easy-to-use DRM controls, so they can always be in control of their content, even after it has been shared and external collaborators have downloaded it. Intuitive permission menus are presented to the user when sharing files. This allows them to quickly establish permissions by user or user group.


Control capabilities such as access, view, edit, copy, print, download and forward.


Track, revoke, wipe, or expire file access at any time – even after the document has been downloaded or shared.


Set up customized watermarks to deter screenshots and include details such as the user’s email or IP address.


Deter against screen capturing with Spotlight viewer, which blurs the screen except where the mouse pointer is hovering.

Flexible Deployment Options

All deployment solutions enable a single and secure view of all enterprise content from any device.



For customers that prefer a managed offering combined with a quick deployment, public and private cloud deployments are available.



For organizations that need complete control, end-to-end, or for those who wish to extend and mobilize existing storage repositories with Workspaces advanced DRM security.



For the utmost flexibility. Enterprises can mobilize and externalize existing enterprise file repositories through the Workspaces secure cloud service.

Integrate With Key Enterprise Solutions

Unified View Into All Storage Libraries


BlackBerry Workspaces Connectors extend existing file repositories, making them available through the Workspaces interface, outside the company firewall and protected by DRM. This provides users with a unified view into all of their existing file storage libraries and enables them to easily collaborate with external contacts, while avoiding the duplication of files in the cloud. Workspaces can mobilize and protect the following storage repositories: Windows File Share (CIFS), SharePoint, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Documentum®, OpenText, Alfresco®, IBM® FileNet, HP® Trim, and many more that support the CMIS standard.


Advanced Security and Authentication Systems


Integrate with existing security solutions, including Firewalls, Intrusion Protection Systems, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Event Management.

Workspaces uses email/username and password authentication out-of-the-box, but also supports mixed mode authentication configurations for as many identity connectors as you would like in order to support a variety of internal and external users. Authentication integrations include: secure single sign-on (SSO) via SAML and OAuth, two-factor authentication products, and BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity.


Advanced eDiscovery and DLP Integration


When Workspaces is configured to work alongside existing SMTP-based eDiscovery solutions, DRM-protected files and Workspaces repository links are injected into the eDiscovery solution for indexing in accordance with eDiscovery requirements.

Workspaces can also integrate with ICAP- based DLP solutions, providing a powerful combination of DRM file protection, mobile security, discovery, remediation and alerts. This allows organizations to protect or prevent distribution and to discover and encrypt sensitive content.


Integrate With Your MDM Solution


Workspaces offers integrated mobile applications for common Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, providing a single point of management for IT and authentication for end users.

In addition, Workspaces offers deep integration with the rest of the BlackBerry mobile enterprise platform. Now included in the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Content Edition, Workspaces is fully integrated with the BlackBerry® UEM administration console. Plus, Workspaces native apps for the BlackBerry® Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform offer advanced link control and open-in behavior.


Best-in-Class Data Security

BlackBerry Workspaces provides the most secure File Sync and Share solution through end-to-end encryption, unique digital rights management enforcement, detailed activity tracking and integration with state-of-the-art authentication and user management technologies. It is also the only File Sync and Share solution that can encrypt and enforce DRM protections on mobile devices when users are viewing, editing and annotating synced documents.

More Secure by Design


The Workspaces system is multi-tiered with strict separation between the web application serving the users, the database holding the system metadata, and a secure file system holding the encrypted documents. Documents and metadata are encrypted using the FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library and 256-bit AES encryption. Each document has its own encryption key that is stored in a secure keystore. To address the highest of security needs, the keystore can also make use of a hardware security module (HSM) for increased secure management.

Security Embedded in Your Files


Unique and easy-to-use DRM features in Workspaces mean that you can restrict what recipients can do with their files – even after the file has been delivered. In order to make policy enforcement easy, permissions can be set at an individual user or group level. And with Role Builder, Workspaces system administrators can customize workspace capabilities and save them as unique user roles, making them available for end users when they’re sharing files.

File Tracking and Auditing


Workspaces keeps a complete activity history of protected documents to meet your security forensics and compliance requirements. You’ll know who did what to a file, when they did it and what device and application was used, including geo-location based on the user’s IP address.

Developing Custom Applications With Workspaces

With a rich SDK and APIs, web and application developers can leverage the Workspaces platform’s rich security, mobility, sharing and synchronization capabilities directly through their custom app interface. All the functionality of the Workspaces Server and Services is exposed through server side APIs, providing enterprises the ability to quickly build Workspaces features into proprietary or off-the-shelf applications. Plus, custom application workspaces provide third-party developers with a private storage space that is not exposed through the native Workspaces interface. 

Choose the Best Solution for Your Business



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  • 1TB for public cloud to start*
  • Unlimited storage for on-premise**
  • Share files up to 10 GB
  • 24x7 phone and web support with 5 named contacts
  • DRM protection for online and downloaded Office, PDF and image files
  • File sync for Windows, Mac OS® X, iOS®, Android and BlackBerry 10
  • Quick Send large files from desktop, Outlook and mobile



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Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Unlimited use of secure content connectors: *** Windows File Share, SharePoint, and all CMIS-based repositories.
  • Unlimited use of Identity Connectors:***
  • DLP / ICAP integration
  • SEIM / Syslog integration



  • Email Protector
  • Custom branded iOS and Android apps
  • Custom apps through content API’s
  • SharePoint Protector
  • eDiscovery Integration Module
  • Online Learning Module
  • Premium Support (Direct to Tier 3 call routing)
  • Premium Service Manager

Every Plan Includes


  • Full-featured File Synchronization and Sharing
  • Secure online web viewer
  • Granular tracking of file activities
  • Email based username/password authentication
  • Dynamic and customizable watermarks
  • Public cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment options*
  • Integrated annotation sharing tools and mobile editor
  • Encryption at rest, in transit and in use
  • FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited versioning and version recovery
  • Unlimited devices per user

Automated File Security for Business Critical Applications

Protector products leverage the highly regarded Workspaces platform to intelligently and automatically embed DRM protections into files. Protectors provide unmatched security with a seamless user experience.

Email Protector


Email Protector automatically embeds DRM protection into email attachments sent through your organization’s email gateway. Policies are customizable based on recipient or file type. Plus, integrate with your email Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for even greater granularity and control.

SharePoint Protector


Once enabled for SharePoint libraries, policy-based controls are automatically applied to files based on DLP scanning of content and pre-selected permissions. Upon download, files are DRM protected and controllable. End users continue to experience the SharePoint core functionality and native interface with no compromise to productivity.

BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite - Content Edition Includes Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces is also available within the BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Suite – Content Edition, a complete solution for managing mobile devices, apps, data and content. The Content Edition combines market-leading Enterprise Mobility Management, rich mobile collaboration apps, an ecosystem of third-party apps and a platform for app security, reliability and development with the BlackBerry Workspaces File Sync and Share platform providing file-level DRM protection.


* 10 user minimum for cloud deployments; storage capacity is expandable for all product tiers.
** 100 user minimum for deployments. Implementation services of on-prem servers are required.
*** Implementation services are required for integration; many additional CMIS connections are supported.