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Trusted Mobility for Cross-Platform Environments

Secure Mobility for Improved Customer Service

Leaders in the financial services industry must counter increasingly sophisticated threats to ensure data security and meet regulatory demands. At the same time they need to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs and complexity by creating connections between internal teams and customers.

Keep Confidential Information Safe and Respect User Privacy

Separate personal data from corporate data, preventing sensitive information from being exposed. Avoid inappropriate data wiping policies and costly legal discovery requirements.

Comply With Regulations

Use proven security to meet the strictest financial standards, regulations, and best practices for protecting both client and firm data.


of the largest global banks and global law firms are BlackBerry customers1

Top 5

largest managed healthcare, investment services, and oil and gas companies rely on BlackBerry1


security certificates – more than any other mobile vendor1

Support All Devices and Ownership Models

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Mobility Suite supports the full spectrum of mobile device ownership models from the most conservative corporate-only policies all the way to BYOD. It manages iOS, Android™ (including Android™ for Work and Samsung KNOX™), Windows®, macOS® X and BlackBerry devices, all from a single console.

BlackBerry’s BES12 should be seen as a solution to secure iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows Phone devices. Even if your financial officers are not holding a BlackBerry in their hand, it doesn’t mean that they cannot access BlackBerry-level security associated with BES12.

Blue Hill Research Report

“BlackBerry Embraces Its Destiny with BES12”, November 2014

Secure File Sharing

BlackBerry® Workspaces presents a unique document-centric security offering that provides the access, collaboration and control of financial documents necessary for financial services to drive productivity through expediting transactions. It enables employees to access documents when and where they need them and on any device, without fear of data leakage.

  • Easily and securely share quarterly reports and statements
  • Securely access highly sensitive board and executive communications
  • Exchange, and control access to, licensing and M&A due diligence materials 
  • Share financial research and reports with a large number of subscribers
BlackBerry is providing the most secure end-to-end mobile solutions with BES12 and their new suite of smartphones with BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic.

John K.F. Irving

President, Ocean Capital Investments

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1 As of November 2014