Access Business Notes From Anywhere

BlackBerry® Notes is the secure note-taking solution designed for mobile enterprise users. With BlackBerry Notes, employees can create, edit and manage notes and sync them to Microsoft® Exchange for viewing on other mobile devices or desktops.

Business-Class Features

BlackBerry Notes offers features that go beyond traditional note-taking tools.

  • View notes at a glance in a tile-view list without clutter
  • Organize any note by title, category or date for easy searching on the go
  • Emphasize key points for future reference with rich text
  • Send notes as emails for quick collaboration with colleagues

    Industry-Leading Security

    BlackBerry Notes is built on BlackBerry® Dynamics, which provides full multi-OS containerization for a wide range of apps. 

    • Keep enterprise data protected both in transit and at rest with FIPS-validated cryptography in the BlackBerry container.
    • Eliminate the risk of notes leaking outside the organization.
    • Don’t sacrifice multi-app workflow; data is protected in transit between apps.
    • Avoid having users adopt “shadow IT” consumer note-taking products. 

    Maximize Your Current Investment

    Many enterprises have invested heavily in Microsoft Exchange to enable note-taking on the desktop, but they have yet to mobilize that investment.

  • Maximize your investment in Microsoft Exchange by extending business notes beyond the desktop.
  • Use standard Exchange protocols to enable syncing between devices.
  • Avoid new configuration or security workarounds.

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