Driving Innovation

BlackBerry® delivers secure, mission critical solutions for general embedded, automotive and connected transportation systems.  BlackBerry solutions are designed for use where security, reliability and trust are paramount. The core technology has experienced over 20 years of in-field flawless deployment.

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BlackBerry QNX Secure Embedded Solutions

Over the past 35 years, BlackBerry® QNX software has become a big part of everyday life. Its ultra-reliable nature means BlackBerry QNX software is the preferred choice for mission critical systems such as in automobiles, air traffic control systems, surgical equipment, high speed trains and nuclear power plants. Through its multimedia, acoustics and wireless features, BlackBerry QNX software is turning up in everything from in-dash radios, in car telematics and infotainment systems to the latest casino gaming terminals.

Self-Driving and Connected Cars

BlackBerry QNX is the most advanced embedded software platform on the autonomous vehicle market, designed from the ground-up for functional safety and security. BlackBerry provides tools and state-of-the-art cyber security technology to protect and mitigate, hardware, software, applications and end-to-end systems over their lifetime from cyber attacks.

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BlackBerry Radar: Managing Fleets With Facts

BlackBerry® Radar is an innovative fleet monitoring solution built on decades of experience in mobile communications, cloud infrastructure and security. Designed with a rich array of sensors in an easy-to-install and easy-to-deploy package, BlackBerry Radar provides timely, reliable and secure data, delivering utilization, efficiency and theft solutions to fleet managers.

Secure Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Update Platform

The BlackBerry® Secure OTA Software Update Platform is a globally scalable platform that enables the secure delivery and efficient management of firmware (FOTA), software (SOTA) and content for automotive and embedded devices. The platform combines BlackBerry leadership in mobility with proven security and embedded software expertise to provide manufacturers with a modern tool for continuous software improvement. 

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Managed PKI Services From Certicom by BlackBerry

Certicom® by BlackBerry is a recognized leader in public key infrastructure (PKI) security design, innovation and delivery. Offering government-validated crypto libraries, PKI certificate solutions, and cryptographic asset management systems, Certicom helps make products, ecosystems, and manufacturing chains not just secure, but BlackBerry Secure.

Connected vehicles are using an increasing amount of electronics and these electronic systems are becoming increasingly complex. The Managed PKI Service from Certicom by BlackBerry creates, manages, renews and revokes certificates to maintain a secure chain of trust for the life of the vehicle.

Core BlackBerry IoT Platform

The BlackBerry® IoT Platform is designed to simplify and solve the complexity of data ownership, privacy and control. Built upon years of technology investment, it was created to accelerate the development and deployment of secure, scalable and intelligent connected IoT solutions.