BlackBerry Blend

The power of BlackBerry now on your computer and tablet

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What’s New in BlackBerry Blend v1.2

  • Spell check within BlackBerry Blend
  • New user interface design and navigation
  • Visual enhancements to file transfers
  • The ability to reply directly from within Blend notification pop-ups
  • Portrait mode in tablets
  • iPad performance improvements (improved downloads and uploads)


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Never miss that important BBM or text message

BlackBerry Blend brings all your BBM® and text messages from your BlackBerry to the integrated messaging hub on your computer and tablet. Get instant notifications of new messages, and respond instantly on any device to be more productive.

Forgot your BlackBerry smartphone at home? You can still get your BBM messages, emails and text messages from your BlackBerry on your computer or tablet through BlackBerry Blend, even when you don’t have your phone with you.

Your BlackBerry smartphone as a mobile network hub

Because the power of BlackBerry is extended to your computer and tablet through BlackBerry Blend, you have secure access to your work email, calendar and important files on any device without VPN.1 So much easier, so much faster.

BlackBerry smartphone as mobile network hub
Your files on any device

Access all your files on any device connected to BlackBerry Blend

Forget having to email files to yourself or using a USB stick to transfer important documents. Save files from your computer or tablet to BlackBerry Blend so they are accessible on any device connected to BlackBerry Blend – even when you don’t have your phone with you.

Now you can have the same files on your BlackBerry smartphone, your computer and your tablet when connected to BlackBerry Blend.

Connect anywhere, anytime

BlackBerry Blend can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi® or cellular connection, or wired through the USB port on your computer. Once connected, use your BlackBerry® ID on your computer and tablet to connect to BlackBerry Blend and you are set to go.

Do you fly often? Now you can craft emails while inflight in BlackBerry Blend. As soon as your BlackBerry smartphone picks up a cellular data connection upon landing, those messages will be automatically sent.

Connect anywhere with BlackBerry Blend
Easy calendar management with BlackBerry Blend

Unified calendar management is here

Never worry about being double booked again with BlackBerry Blend. It merges all of your work meetings, personal appointments and events into one single calendar.1

Access your corporate intranet

If your BlackBerry smartphone is connected to a BlackBerry® Enterprise Server, you can access your company’s intranet through a work browser on your computer without having to be logged in to your company’s network. This gives you access to important work information when you need it, anytime, anywhere.2



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Getting started is easy

BlackBerry Blend is easy to set up. Simply download and install the software for your computer or tablet and then log in with your BlackBerry ID. The BlackBerry Blend app is already installed on BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.3 or later.1

Download BlackBerry Blend for Android tablets

Download BlackBerry Blend for iOS tablets

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Compatible devices

The following devices can all be used with BlackBerry Blend, but may need to be updated to the latest BlackBerry® 10 OS first.

  1. 1 For BlackBerry Enterprise Service (BES) managed smartphones, BlackBerry Blend requires BES 10.2.4 or higher. In order to access corporate data in BlackBerry Blend, your BlackBerry Enterprise Service IT Admin must provide access. Information on how to install and configure BlackBerry Blend for BES10 and newer is available to IT Admins by visiting
  2. 2 BlackBerry Enterprise Service v10.2.4 or above required for intranet access via BlackBerry Blend.

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