BlackBerry Learn

Technical Accreditation

BlackBerry training courses and assessments are designed to ensure individuals have the knowledge and skills to successfully design, install, support & maintain BlackBerry Enterprise Software solutions. Accreditation paths have been designed by product, and support the requirements of the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program, by facilitating the ability to build unique and complementary capabilities and provide the wide variety of training content and assessments that an individual requires in order to successfully achieve Accreditation.

Each accreditation path identifies the training and assessment requirements for Partner Authorization and consists of a combination of Instructor-Led and Web-Based training. 

All Instructor Led Training (indicated with ILT or Workshop) must be completed with one of BlackBerry’s Authorized Training Partners.  

Web-Based Training and Assessments must be completed in BlackBerry Universe.

Existing Partners

Existing Partners requesting a modified training plan need to qualify through a validation process. You must complete the Qualification Submission Form to initiate your request.  

Or to download a manual version of this form click here. Once completed please forward a copy to